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The 4xAdventures YouTube channel began life as a very simple idea — to film some of my outback trips to show friends and family the beauty that is outback Australia. Far from being this vast emptiness that most people believe, if you look hard enough, you will be richly rewarded with some of the most stunning scenery in the world. The vastness of this country, together with the sheer remoteness of the outback makes it an overlander's dream.

I have always believed the saying "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly"! With that in mind, I have started to film and edit my adventures to share with the world. My films are all self-filmed and edited, and they are definitely a labour of love. This website will contain additional information to what is shown in the films, as well as stories of my adventures before I started filming them.

Hopefully you will enjoy watching these films as much as I have enjoyed making them.

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Surrounded by bushfires

So, what do you do when you're in an extremely remote part of the world, with the closest human being over 500km away in any direction, you have no contact with the outside world - no phone reception, no CB radio, and no one knows where you are, and you then realise you are surrounded by bushfire in every direction?

Let's backtrack to the start of our story.

This took place in late 2017. And by late, I mean LATE. It was December, and I was on a solo expedition through Central Australia. The temperature never dropped below 38°C, and that was at night! During the day, it was regularly over 45°C, closer to 48°C on most days. But the real killer was the humidity. I was in the tropics, near Darwin, and the air was literally thick with humidity. Simply walking around was like wading through soup, except it was all around you. There was no escape from it.

So, as I mentioned, I had set off 2 weeks earlier from Sydney on a month-long expedition through Central Australia. I hadn't planned on heading to such a remote location as I found myself in now, but my inquisitive nature got the better of me, like it always does, and I simply HAD to know what was at the end of that dotted line on the map.

More coming soon...


Coming soon


Travelling and making these films is definitely one of my passions. It is also rather costly, and so I am limited to one or two trips a year. If you enjoy my films, you can help support the channel and the creation of more content by purchasing some merchandise. Any help is hugely appreciated and goes directly towards funding more trips.

All the best! - Attila



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